February 2017

rhn_final_editedToday is the Pro-Choice Coalition Lobby Day for Reproductive Health Equity Act (HB 2232).

We are so proud to be standing with our community members and coalition partners today in the name of reproductive health equity. Today, hundreds of Oregonians will demonstrate in Salem for landmark legislation to establish reproductive health equity. The Reproductive Health Equity Act (House Bill 2232) ensures that Oregonians receive the full range of preventive reproductive health services at zero out-of- pocket cost; fills gaps in reproductive health coverage for those categorically excluded from health programs due to citizenship status; and prohibits discrimination in reproductive health care. The Reproductive Health Equity Now campaign has already received an outpouring of support across the state with more than 10,000 pledges signed by Oregonians who are demanding reproductive health equity now with a broad range of more than 2 dozen organizations endorsing the campaign.  

Write a letter to your legislators using this easy tool! It will take you just a minute to complete.

Join us today online! We’ll be LIVE at 12:00 pm PST from the West Steps of The Oregon State Capitol Building.


Get involved with our work

The political landscape for reproductive health care—in the face of the serious threats of an anti-abortion Administration and Congress—will be challenging in the coming months and years. Ever since the election, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon has seen a remarkable increase in activism and support for our work here in Oregon. Members of our volunteer community have quadrupled in size, skyrocketing our volunteer program. We know our movement will have to support our increase in numbers as well as have laser-like focus. Just like January’s Women’s March on Washington and the conversations on intersectionality, we will continue to look to our peers in this movement—women of color and young women who have been fighting for reproductive justice for decades. We will continue to seek meaningful relationships as we become a better ally for organizations fighting for racial, gender, and economic justice. Working together, we can all move forward.

Fore more information on how to get involved in our invigorated volunteer program, click here for our next monthly orientation and volunteer training.

Show your legislators your resistance! Click here for the last in our series of advocacy webinars for training on talking to your legislators during town halls and during this legislative session.


We’re going national!

Zeenia Junkeer, our Director of Equity and Community Engagement, was interviewed in an editorial by the New York Times, published January 31st. NYTimes praised the Reproductive Health Equity Act as a “powerful defense, at the state level, of necessary reproductive health care.” The bill has also received national media attention from Time, U.S. News & World Report, Mother Jones, Rewire, and Refinery29. We are committed to keeping this momentum going. Click here to read the New York Times editorial. 



 Announcing Safe Travels
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We collaborate with health centers across the state that provide abortion care in Oregon, as well as local abortion funds to arrange services: hotel accommodations in the Portland area and prepaid debit cards for clients to use for gas money and tickets for gas, taxi, bus, or train.
Safe Travels is the only source in Oregon that directly helps with the additional travel costs of seeking abortion care. These expenses range between $70-$300 per recipient and can make all the difference in one’s ability to safely access the services they need. The monthly donors of Safe Travels are NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon and Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health’s most passionate and committed community members helping eliminate barriers to abortion access. Click here to donate to Safe Travels and
*YOU will ensure the resources and opportunity for people to make the best decisions for themselves and their families when seeking an abortion.
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